San Rafael Movers

Some of California’s most dangerous criminals, including the infamous Charles Manson, are held at San Quentin State Prison immediately south of San Rafael’s border. Do not let that scare you from living in this beautiful city one hour north of San Francisco. Spanish Missionaries named the 20th mission in California after the archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, the city earned its name after the Mission San Rafael Arcangel. San Rafael is a place where many people decide to live free from the concrete jungle of the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to 2005, the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, had run operations for Lucasfilm studios in San Rafael. Even though they moved many of their operations to San Francisco in 2005, the city of San Rafael still remains a big player in the entertainment industry as a plethora of crucial film industry leaders have worked and operated here.

The climate here is average for a Bay Area city. The hottest months in the summer are July and August, with average high temperatures of 84 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. The coldest month in the winter is December with average low temperatures hanging just above 41 degrees Fahrenheit (National Centers for Environmental Information). The population is a modest 58,700 (US Census Bureau, July 2018) and the median household income is just below $86,000 per year (US Census Bureau, 2013-2017). Maybe you are considering schooling for your young padawans. Living in San Rafael is good for your high school students working for their diplomas, the population of high school graduates is above 85% (US Census Bureau, July 2018). It is a great place to live and grow.

It is not hard to enjoy living in San Rafael. It is a beautiful place with lots to do and a great location for taking trips all around the Bay Area. You will have a great time living here, so let us start you off with a great move getting here.


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