Vacaville Movers

Vacaville has rooted history in the Bay Area. Incorporated into the Union in 1892, Vacaville is the halfway mark between San Francisco and Sacramento. Before automobiles, Vacaville was a stop for the Pony Express, the delivery service of mail for the United States government. The primary economy started out as agricultural and Vacaville became known for its fruit and nuts exports. The invention of the refrigerated train brought even more wealth to this area as the product was able to be transported further without spoiling. The economy here nowadays is largely centered around biotechnology, corrections, and tourism. Important biotech companies, for example, Genentech or Chiron, operate here. The California Department of Corrections maintains a medical prison for males which is near Vacaville and is called the California State Prison at Solano. The Nut Tree, a popular stop along I-80, was launched in 1921 and has been a family-friendly place to eat and shop for almost 100 years. All in all, Vacaville is a wonderful safe place to live and grow.

Thinking of buying a home? Vacaville home prices, compared within California, are more affordable than most cities, however, it is still high compared to the rest of the United States. Vacaville has a median home value of $485,000, considerably lower than the San Francisco Bay Area (Zillow, 2019). The population in Vacaville according to a July 2018 estimate done by the US Census Bureau sits roughly at 100,000 people. The land area is about 29 square miles giving Vacaville a density of approximately 3,400 people per square mile. The percent of the population that has a bachelor’s degree or higher is 23% of the total population, so about 23,000 people here have a college degree. (US Census Bureau). The weather here is hot in summer and cold in inter. July is the hottest month with high temperatures averaging 97 degrees Fahrenheit. December and January tie for the coldest months with low averages of 38 degrees Fahrenheit (National Centers for Environmental Information, NOAA).

Vacaville has no comparison. The outlets in town are like many others across California and you can find everything you need here to live a comfortable life. But, you cannot replace the good people who live here and the rustic culture surrounding this community. For packing and moving services in Vacaville, look no further than All in Moving Systems.


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